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Why ice isn’t always the best way to treat an injury

Why ice isn’t always the best way to treat an injury

We often get asked questions regarding ice versus heat for injury management at Bluebird Sport & Spine. We know it can be very confusing… should I ice, apply heat, use a contrast of ice and heat, or should I just leave the area alone?

In the past, most health care practitioners recommended ice for almost every injury, in spite of the surprising lack of quality evidence for this practice. More recent studies have come to question this ubiquitous treatment, and have shed more light on the importance of thoroughly assessing each person’s injury and stage of healing, before just sending them home with an ice pack.

Medical terminology has even changed. The terms “plantar fasciitis” and “lateral epicondylitis” or “tennis elbow” (itis meaning inflammation) have largely been replaced with “plantar fasciosis” and “lateral epicondylosis,” reflecting the often chronic nature of these conditions and the lack of inflammatory markers found in the tissues once these conditions have been around for a while.

A recent article published in The Globe and Mail summarizes what you need to know in an easy to read format. Click here for article.

Make sure to consult a health care practitioner when in doubt about the best treatment for your specific injury!

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