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Active Release Techniques

Next Community Outreach – Excel Fitness (November 5th)

The is out in the community yet again!  Dr. Laura and Dr. Steve are looking forward to their next community outreach on November 5th at Excel Fitness in Vernon, BC. Part of the XUniversity “Educating for Greatness” series at Excel, Dr. Steve and Dr. Laura will be discussing their approach to chiropractic and manual therapy care. The focus of the evening will be on the importance of a “functional approach” to care, and …Read More

Active Release Techniques® at Bluebird Sport & Spine

A question we are often asked… What is Active Release Techniques® or ART®? Both Dr. Steve and Dr. Laura (the chiropractors/owners at Bluebird Sport & Spine in Vernon, BC) utilize Active Release Techniques® or “ART®” as one of their primary soft tissue therapies. They are both full body certified Active Release Techniques® providers. ART® is a patented, state of the art soft tissue system/movement based massage technique that treats problems …Read More