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Chiropractic 101 – The Chiropractic Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment (also called “spinal manipulation”) is a common form of treatment employed by today’s evidence-based chiropractors. It involves positioning a patient in a very specific position, and then applying a carefully controlled force through the targeted area of the body (i.e. the joints being treated). The force is often described as being high-velocity (fast) and low-amplitude (not a lot of movement range). Often chiropractors will utilize only their …Read More

Chiropractic and massage on the same day? What schedule works best?

A question we are often asked has to do with the spacing of chiropractic and massage therapy appointments… Should you have both on the same day? Massage before chiropractic or vice versa? Or… should you space them out to not overload the body all at once? These are all good questions, and the truth is, it depends on the individual. We have many patients that come in for both a …Read More