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What can I expect during my first visit?

*Please come in about 10 minutes prior to your appointment time on your first visit to fill out our new patient forms. Want to save time? Download a copy of our new patient forms and fill them out at your convenience.

During your first visit, we conduct an extensive health history to get to know you better, to get a picture of your past and current health status, and to gather specific information regarding your current complaint. We then perform a thorough physical examination focusing on your area of complaint, as well as any other associated areas, and provide you with a specific diagnosis. After your assessment we recommend a course of care and work with you to develop a treatment plan that is specific to your needs, schedule, and your goals. If chiropractic care is not the best therapy for you, we will make the appropriate referral to another health professional.

Will you take x-rays or send me for other tests?

The need for imaging or referral to a specialist for further testing will be determined during our thorough history and physical examination. Most patients do not require imaging prior to chiropractic care. At Bluebird Sport & Spine, interprofessional communication is a priority to ensure you receive then best and most comprehensive care possible.

If I see a chiropractor, do I have to keep going for life?

No! At Bluebird Sport & Spine, our goal is to get you back to the things you love as soon as possible. During your initial visit, we will educate you about your condition and develop an individualized treatment plan that includes an approximate timeframe for recovery. We know that if we treat you well, you will come back to see us if you have any new issues that arise in the future. We pride ourselves on providing patients with the tools they need to become highly involved in their own care. That being said, many patients do benefit from regular chiropractic maintenance care, but we leave that choice up to you.