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2015 Investors Group Walk for Memories

The helped to organize the 2015 Investors Group Walk for Memories benefitting the Alzheimer Society of B.C. This year’s event took place on Sunday January 25th at Kal Tire Place. We had a great crowd and easily surpassed our fundraising efforts from last year (final tally to come)! New this year was the Team Stair Challenge where 3 brave teams tackled their own personal stair set, keeping at least one team member moving …Read More

Workstation Ergonomics With Your Laptop

I had a great question from a patient the other day… How do I properly set up my workstation when using a laptop? Answer: (tune in next time for more valuable insights!) I guess we can’t just leave it at that can we? Don’t get me wrong, laptops are great. They are faster and more powerful than ever, while at the same time becoming even more lightweight and portable with …Read More

Investors Group Walk for Memories

Bluebird Sport & Spine is again helping to organize the Investors Group Walk for Memories benefitting the Alzheimer Society of BC. This year’s Walk in Vernon, BC is on Sunday January 25, 2015 at Kal Tire Place. Alzheimer’s Disease has had a big impact on our families here at Bluebird, and we feel strongly about giving back and supporting this great event. Come join us as a team or as an individual and help …Read More

Halloween Treat Trail – Downtown Vernon Association

The Halloween Treat Trail is a great annual event held in downtown Vernon, BC.  The looks forward to it each year! Although it was a cold and rainy night, spirits were high and crowds of people came out to enjoy a fun, sugar fuelled evening. Dr. Steve and Dr. Laura tested out some more “traditional” doctor attire. At first glance we could almost pull it off… but if you look closely, you …Read More

Why ice isn’t always the best way to treat an injury

We often get asked questions regarding ice versus heat for injury management at We know it can be very confusing… should I ice, apply heat, use a contrast of ice and heat, or should I just leave the area alone? In the past, most health care practitioners recommended ice for almost every injury, in spite of the surprising lack of quality evidence for this practice. More recent studies have come to …Read More

Chiropractic 101 – The Chiropractic Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment (also called “spinal manipulation”) is a common form of treatment employed by today’s evidence-based chiropractors. It involves positioning a patient in a very specific position, and then applying a carefully controlled force through the targeted area of the body (i.e. the joints being treated). The force is often described as being high-velocity (fast) and low-amplitude (not a lot of movement range). Often chiropractors will utilize only their …Read More

Next Community Outreach – Excel Fitness (November 5th)

The is out in the community yet again!  Dr. Laura and Dr. Steve are looking forward to their next community outreach on November 5th at Excel Fitness in Vernon, BC. Part of the XUniversity “Educating for Greatness” series at Excel, Dr. Steve and Dr. Laura will be discussing their approach to chiropractic and manual therapy care. The focus of the evening will be on the importance of a “functional approach” to care, and …Read More

What’s with the name “Bluebird”

Well it’s official, we have passed the one year mark for . September 1st 2014 marked our one year anniversary (insert loud cheers here)! One question we are often still asked is regarding our clinic name. How and why did we come up with Are Dr. Laura and Dr. Steve avid birders? Is it in reference to the beautiful blue skies of the Okanagan summer? Or did it just work …Read More

October Community Events – Running, running and more running!

Hi Everyone! Wondering what the is up to next? Well wonder no more… Our next two community events are focussed on running. It’s such a great time of year to pick up the sport or get back into it after some time off. The heat has been dialled down, the fall colours are out, and the trails are amazing this time of year. Dr. Steve and Dr. Laura are helping …Read More

Chiropractic and massage on the same day? What schedule works best?

A question we are often asked has to do with the spacing of chiropractic and massage therapy appointments… Should you have both on the same day? Massage before chiropractic or vice versa? Or… should you space them out to not overload the body all at once? These are all good questions, and the truth is, it depends on the individual. We have many patients that come in for both a …Read More