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Athletic Movement Assessment

athletic movement association
Athletic Movement Assessment (AMA) is a system composed of specific and relevant movement protocols that simulate various athletic motions. AMA’s sport-specific assessments have been developed and adopted through a thorough synthesis of the scientific literature (sports sciences, biomechanical, and biological science literature), and are used to guide both clinical and sport performance strategies. The assessments are designed to identify potential injury risks, performance directives, and strength and conditioning priorities. They help to identify muscle weakness, flexibility/mobility issues, joint problems, and aberrant movement patterns.

The goal of AMA is to identify, categorize and quantify movement behaviours that are both optimal and suboptimal for athletic performance. All the information gathered is then thoroughly analyzed and communicated to the athlete. This provides athletes, of all ages and levels, with the latest sport-specific assessments in order to facilitate injury risk management and help maximize their athletic potential. The data collected and feedback from AMA also provides a common language for athletes, coaches, trainers, and therapists to employ, establishing continuity of care and athlete-specific development.

For more information, please visit: www.athleticmovementassessment.com